The Wisconsin Geographic Names Council needs your input.

WGNC received a proposal from Ronald L. Lafferty in 2019 to rename “Small Mound” to Lafferty Mound. The proponent owns some of but not all the property where the summit is located. The proponent suggests renaming the summit after a late relative, John Lafferty (1842-13 November 1903) to commemorate his military service as a sailor in the U.S. Navy during the American Civil War. John Lafferty is one of only 19 people in history to receive the MEDAL OF HONOR twice. Lafferty.

They have received a proposal to name or change the name of a geographic feature that falls within our Town of Alma. Local opinion and support are highly valued by the Wisconsin Geographic Names Council when making naming decisions, therefore we are seeking your input with this correspondence.

Click here to see the name proposal summary. You can obtain the official proposal form and case documents upon request Dave E Winston, GIS Specialist, phone 608-266-8782.

Please complete form with the Town of Alma’s recommendation as soon as possible. If no response is received by January 1 st, the Wisconsin Geographic Names Council will make a recommendation to the United States Bureau on Geographic Names without your input.