March 13, 2019
All Board Members present
Meeting called to order by Chairman Smith at 7:00 PM.
Minutes from February 13, 2019 meeting were read into the record. Motion by Flick, second by Gearing, to approve minutes as read. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Current balance $194,113.65 less $81,200.00 reserved for cash on hand balance of 112,913.65. Motion by Gearing, second by Flick to approve report. Motion carried.

Motion by Gearing, second by Flick to authorize payments for the month. Motion carried.

Citizen comments

New Business:

  1. Discussion on status of the Town’s web page. Still planning to have it ready for April activation for public availability.
  2. Discussion of Non-metallic mining annual reports.
    a. Coulee Frac-Annual report updated to reflect change to complete Phase 4 section of original project.
    b. Badger Mining-Report reviewed. Tom raised concern with language in one section and will work with Heather Horton from Badger to have addressed.
    c. WI Proppants- Dry plant remains to be tested. No mine activity scheduled for 2019.
  3. WI Proppants request for variance from air monitoring testing in 2019 due to no mining. Request tabled until Property value guaranty issue has been resolved.
  4. Potential development of subdivision on Halls Creek- Charlie discussed with Terry Schmidt from Jackson County Zoning Department. Confirmed the requirement for private drive versus a Town Road. Chairman also shared some of our past experiences with other developments.
  5. Discussion on potential dates for 2019 road review. Clerk will be notified 24 hours in advance of date selected to comply with posting of notice.
    Motion by Gearing second by Flick to adjourn. Adjourned at 8:15 PM.
    Don Forsting, Clerk